At Acmegrade you will not just get the best theoretical education, but we will also give you the required skills, and industry exposure to be successful in your field.

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Our updated relevant curriculum, accommodating classes, distinguished hands-on mentors, creative projects and internship experience will set you apart from other aspirants in your field. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now if you would like to apply or want more information.

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    We are a knowledge & skill acquisition portal with the goal of getting the youth of today ready for their professional careers. While we agree that knowledge is important, at Acmegrade we believe that knowledge on its own is not nearly enough to survive in today’s professional landscape. Thus, we give all our students not only the necessary knowledge, but hone industry relevant skills, and give them the practical experience they need to start successful and rewarding careers in their field of interest.

    Why Choose Acmegrade?

    At Acmegrade, we have developed a cutting edge curriculum based on practical industry research that will cover not only the underlying principles, but the contemporary skills that are being used by industry leaders in their fields today. 

    Our mentors are distinguished in their respective fields and bring invaluable insight and experience to our classrooms. All our mentors adopt a hands-on teaching approach and will guide you to success in your careers.

    At Acmegrade, we sincerely believe that practical exposure to the industry is not just important to the learning experience, but also to develop our students as human beings & working professionals. Thus, we ensure internships for all our students across all courses.

    Live Training sessions
    Distinguished Mentors
    Internship Experience
    Industry Relevant Projects
    LMS Access
    Professional Certifications

    Trending Internship Programs

    Want to be a part of the most trending and exciting internships today? Check out our trending internship programs today.


    Machine Learning

    Obtain the required knowledge, skills, and practical exposure required to start a successful career in machine learning


    Web Development

    Design creative websites that grab the attention of users and rank well in the search engines.



    Knowledge, skills, & hands-on experience to improve your prospects in automobile design, engineering, & architecture


    Internet Of Things

    Theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and industry exposure to The Internet of Things

    Browse By Category

    Check out our top-trending Internship courses that are sure to align with your choice of specialisation catering across technical and non-technical domains.


    Computer Science

    Obtain the practical skills you need to start a successful career in computer science.


    Information Technology

    The fundamental skills required to push your career in Information Technology



    Build the skills required to become successful in electronics and communication engineering today.


    Electrical And Electronics

    Build the skills necessary for a successful career in Electrical Engineering today.



    To give you the skills you need to be successful in various fields across mechanical engineering.



    To give you the need to be successful in the field of civil engineering.



    Get the skills you need to predict the markets & stand out in the world of commerce.

    About Our Mentors

    At Acmegrade we are committed to giving you the best holistic education for you to be successful in the professional world. Hence, our distinguished mentors will guide your learning. Our mentors are industry experts who bring years of experience & valuable insight to the classroom. They adopt a personalized approach to suit each and every student’s needs, accentuate their strength, and address their weaknesses. Our mentors adopt a hands-on approach, and they ensure that by the end of your course you will have not only the theoretical understanding of the subject, but an excellent proficiency in the skills required to succeed in your field.

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    Our Official Training Partner

    We partner with leading institutions across the country to make sure you have convenient access to official training that fits your needs.

    Live-Interactive Sessions

    We facilitate an online learning process that will accommodate all your learning needs from the comfort and safety of your home.

    Distinguished Mentors

    Our mentors are distinguished industry experts who bring years of experience & valuable insight to the classroom.

    Internships & Projects

    All our courses give you firsthand experience of working in the industry with our internships and projects.

    Placement Support

    All students in our advanced courses and students who excel other courses will get placement support from our team to get you start in the industry.

    What Our Clients Say

    BHAVESH PACHAURI Associate Software Engineer, Infosys.

    I enrolled at Acmegrade because I wanted to improve my career prospects. I was definitely not disappointed!! Their advanced course exceeded all my expectations. I not only got a better understanding of the subject but made my skills better as well. They even helped me get placed. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their careers.

    ARYAN MUKESH NIGAM Software Engineer, EY.

    I would absolutely recommend Acmegrade to everyone. Their mentors are excellent. Very accommodating and great teachers. Their online classes and recorded sessions helped me learn ‘at my own place. Their intemship program helped me gain not only experience but confidence in myself.

    SASHI SHUMAN Student, Xavier University.

    Acmegrade is absolutely fantastic. They kept all their promises in terms of teaching and skill development. Their internship was great for me too. | got all the training I needed and even got my foot in the door. Acmegrade even helped me get placed and start my career. If you're young and can't find a way to start your career you should definitely enrol with them.

    VIBHOR TYAGI Technical Associate, PwC.

    Everything they say on their website is true. They give you everything you need in the classroom, and the opportunity you need in the industry. Students that perform well during their sessions and during their internship get complete support from the Acmegrade team during your placement process.

    TANYA SRIVASTAVA Apprentice, Bank of America.

    The Machine Learning course at Acmegrade helped me understand the concepts and growth of this field. I was amongst the first few batches of SRM to get a super dream and dream placement in one of the leading companies - Amadeus and Bank of America. I believe the recruiters can see through our resume how much effort we have put into ourselves throughout the years and that,I owe to ACMEGRADE. This is a platform that I absolutely recommend!

    SOURABH DHAWAN Sales & Marketing, Urban Piper

    Enrolled for Acmegrade's digital marketing courses. I can definitely say that lam not disappointed. All the important concepts such as SEO and social media management were ‘explained well and in-depth. They also made sure we knew how to use these to practically ‘apply these skills. Thanks to them lam now working full time as a marketing strategist. Sincerely joining them is the best decision I have ever made.

    TANYA SINGH Associate Software Engineer, Legato

    Data Science - we all have heard about it enough to know that this is one of the leading programmes. It is a vast domain which I had the ‘opportunity to learn from ACMEGRADE. It has not only benefited me with the skills for developing algorithms and understanding data but also gave me an early start into making this my expertise. Today | prepare for my masters by having known what I want to do with my life and I thank ACMEGRADE for that.

    JAYANTH ERUKULAPATHI Software Engineer, Cognizant

    I have always wanted to design cars. I feel like my dream is within reach once again. Every single subject down to the smallest detail, is explained well and with clarity. Their mentors are incredibly patient and answer all your doubts. Finally, their internship let me work in the industry of my dreams. I couldn't be happier with Acmegrade. If you're young and looking for a way to get your foot in the door, or just want to learn, then take my advice and enroll with Acmegrade today.

    MAYA SHIVANI Software Engineer, Capgemini

    They say Internet things is the future. Well, Acmegrade is the future of education. They are 100% true to their word. They don't just teach you; they make sure you are industry-ready the moment your course is over. Thanks to their |OT course I am now a professional Software engineer. Thank you for everything, Acmegrade!

    JOGI NAIDU Associate Software Engineer, Cognizant.

    After the pandemic started, I was honestly bored and had nothing to do. That's when I found Acmegrade. I was curious and decided to enroll for their AutoCAD course. Long story short, it was worth every rupee. I learned everything I needed to down to the expert tips and tricks on AutoCAD. The project after my internship was extremely engaging. I'm extremely grateful to Acmegrade for the knowledge and experiences they have given me.

    HARISH DESAPALLI Analyst, Goldman Sachs

    Thanks to Acmegrade's Finance course I am currently working as an Analyst. They delivered on everything they promised. I had a great learning experience and enjoyed my internship. Would definitely recommend Acmegrade to anyone who still wants to learn.

    KUMAR PRATIK Student, CU

    If you want to get into full stack web development but don't have time to get into a university then enrol for Acmegrade's full stack web development course. At least that's exactly what I did. Thanks to Acmegrade and their great, mentors I am now able to design excellent websites and landing pages. If you're looking to broaden your horizons, then i would highly recommend Acmegrade.

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      Our alumni are already starting to make waves in their industries. Our former students are already working in high-profile industries and are shaping our futures.