Trending Programs

Trending Programs

As part of our mission to empower the youth of today, Acmegrade believes that firsthand experience in the field of their choice is necessary for a student to develop the skills required to be successful in a particular field and to confirm his or her passion for the same. Acmegrade has partnered with many innovative companies to guarantee a trendy internship program that is relevant to not just the industry today, but gives them an idea in regards to where their industry is headed. Our internships are hands-on and enriching experiences across all fields. Whether you have enrolled for a course in Computer Science & Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Management, Mechanical Engineering, or Civil Engineering, Acmegrade guarantees to find you a relevant and productive internship program.

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    machine learning (7)

    Machine Learning

    Obtain the required knowledge, skills, and practical exposure required to start a successful career in machine learning

    web devlopment (1)

    Web Development

    Design creative websites that grab the attention of users and rank well in the search engines.

    autocad (1)


    Knowledge, skills, & hands-on experience to improve your prospects in automobile design, engineering, & architecture

    DBMS (2)

    Internet Of Things

    Theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and industry exposure to The Internet of Things


    Artificial Intelligence

    The skills & experience you need to be a pioneer in the field of AI

    robotics (2)

    Embedded System

    Embedded systems design & use


    Hybrid & Electric Vehical

    Firsthand knowledge and practical experience to building hybrid and electric vehicles

    cyber security (1)

    Cyber Security

    Get equipped with the knowledge & skills required for cyber security, ethical hacking, cryptography…

    data science (1)

    Data Science

    Effectively use python for data science and get the industry exposure to start your career

    cloud computing (6)

    Digital Marketing

    Learn how to effectively market goods and services using search engines and social media

    cloud computing (10)

    Stock Marketing & Cryptocurrency

    Learn the fundamentals to be a successful investor.