About Us

We are a knowledge & skill acquisition portal with the goal of getting the youth of today ready for their professional careers. While we agree that knowledge is important, at Acmegrade we believe that knowledge on its own is not nearly enough to survive in today’s professional landscape. Thus, we give all our students not only the necessary knowledge, but hone industry relevant skills, and give them the practical experience they need to start successful and rewarding careers in their field of interest.

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We believe a brighter future is possible. At Acmegrade we believe the way to make our future brighter than our present is through having better professionals in our industries. What do we think is a better professional? At Acmegrade we believe that a better professional is someone who not only has theoretical knowledge but walks into his / her workplace with an exceptional skill set and prior experience on day one. Our vision is to empower the youth of today, broaden their horizons, develop them as individuals, and give them the work experience that they need to join the workforce and immediately make a difference. At Acmegrade we envision a brighter future driven by the well-rounded youth of today.


We have lost sight of the fundamental ideas behind education. As a society we have become obsessed with marks. The belief is that marks directly co-relate to a great career. Marks, however, is not what we need in the professional world. What we need more than ever are skilled, experienced young talent who can make a difference in their organizations on their very first day. At Acmegrade our mission is to give the youth of today the chance to learn and upskill themselves. Our supervised internships and creative and industry relevant projects make sure that they walk into the workforce equipped with everything they need to be successful. Our mission is to re-define the concept of education. To bring it back to what the essence of education really is, to nurture young minds today so that they can become our leaders of tomorrow.


Acmegrade believes that a transformed perspective regarding education will lead to a more productive workforce and a holistically developed individual. We aim to remove the association between marks and success and instead put an emphasis on the association between skills and success. Our goal is to revolutionize the educational landscape. We hope to make teaching a practice where students are taught the practical skills they need to be adaptive, innovative, confident & productive. With our cutting-edge curriculum, distinguished mentors, internships and project experience, we aim to make every one of our students trained and experienced professionals from the moment they step foot in the workplace.


Things We Can Help You

Vocational Guidance

Our team will give you unbiased advice about the best career paths suited to your personality and skill set. note Learning Through our recorded sessions and live online classes, our students can learn at their own pace from the comfort of their homes

Personalized Teaching

Our mentors adopt a personalized approach to highlight each student's individual strengths, and address their weaknesses.

Real World Experience

At Acmegrade, we don't just teach you about your industry, we make sure you experience it firsthand

Remote Learning

Through our recorded sessions and live online classes, our students can learn at their own pace from the comfort of their homes

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